Oral Steroid Options

Having a clean diet and dedicated training regime will only get you so far, but those who are new to taking anabolic steroids can be deterred by the thought of having to inject.

However, there are different routes of administration and some anabolic steroids can be taken orally, removing the stress of injecting.

Here’s a look at just some of the options you have for oral steroids, with a brief rundown on each. You can find more information on each at Wrath Labs, the industry experts in bodybuilding.



This oral steroid is one of the best-tolerated around, one reason why it is such a popular choice. Ideal for an introduction into taking anabolic steroids, the side effects of anavar tend to be far less harsh than many of the others.

With an active half life of between 8-12 hours and a detection time of up to three weeks, anavar is used primarily for cutting.

It can be used either in a stack or solo, and is very suitable for use by women. In fact, anavar is often preferred by women than men where the risk of side effects is far less than with other drugs.

Being a C17-aa steroid means that it should be avoided if you have any pre-existing liver conditions, and that is shouldn’t be stacked with any other similar steroids to prevent hepatic overload.


Available both as an injectable and an oral drug, Winstrol is unique in that the injectable form can also be taken orally. In every other case, a special formation is required if you wish to switch to oral administration.Oral Steroid

For the oral form, the half life is approximately 9 hours and the detection time is up to three weeks; both of these measures can be roughly tripled for the injectable version. It is a C17-aa steroid so it shouldn’t be stacked with any others of the same type due to the risk to the liver.

Used for cutting, Winstol also offers enhancements in speed and strength, offering an alternative way to build extra lean bulk during a cutting cycle.

This steroid is not estrogenic which means it will not aromatise, but it is androgenic so it’s possible to see side effects such as virilisation in women.


Widely considered as the safest oral steroid on the market, Primobolan is one of the few which isn’t a C17-aa so there’s no risk to the liver.

Used to treat underweight children, primo is one of the gentlest steroids you’ll find, a factor which contributes to its reputation as “weak”.

It can be used both for bulking and cutting, but most men will find its actions as the former a little disappointing. For women however, it can add some excellent lean gains.

Cutting cycles are where Primobolan really excels, and it can also deliver an extra hardness and definition to the physique. With a half life of 4-5 hours and a detection time of up to 5 weeks, if being used prior to a competition, you’ll need time to get it out of your system.

It’s not an estrogenic steroid but it is strongly androgenic, despite its reputation as being weaker. This can raise the possibility of hair loss in men and virilisation in women so the effects on the individual should be carefully monitored.


Originally released in 1964, Anavar – also known as oxandrolone – was developed to treat muscle wasting conditions caused by certain diseases.

However, the body building community very quickly realised the potential benefits and it started being used as a drug to help hone the perfect physique.

It was never the most popular anabolic steroid but was in steady demand, particularly among female users, but in 2000 it received a real boost when an article was published on its efficacy.

Despite the fact that it’s not legal to sell this drug any longer, it remains very much sought after by body builders hoping to take their training to the next level.


How it’s used

Anavar’s biggest use is during the cutting cycle as it has a number of different actions which can prove to be extremely effective.

Fat loss is the main aim of any cutting cycle and anavar can help to achieve this, having a particularly pronounced effect on any abdominal fat. But in addition to the lipolysis, anavar also has the ability to get rid of any bloating or water being held.

This creates a very dry and defined look which is why it’s a popular addition towards the end of a cutting cycle so the results can be maximised.

Like many anabolic steroids used during cutting cycles, it also helps to preserve lean gains preventing loss of bulk while getting shredded.

This ability to hold muscle means that it can be a useful addition to a bulking cycle, even though it won’t help you to pack on huge gains. It can reduce the puffiness that comes with bulking without limiting the muscle gains; creating a more sculpted result. Some users also report that using anavar during bulking makes the gains easier to maintain after the cycle has finished.

How to take it

anabolic steroidAnavar is an oral steroid and is taken primarily through tablets; you might see some suggestions about crushing and mixing the tablets with juice but this can reduce the potency.

The half life is around 8-9 hours so it’s recommended to be taken in a divided dose, twice per day. This creates a stability in serum levels rather than peaks and troughs which experts believe is more beneficial.


Anavar is renowned for being gentler on the body than some other anabolic steroids so taking it solo can be a good place for a beginner to start.

When taken alone, it can be a powerful cutting drug with especially good results seen in female bodybuilders.

However, to really max out its potential it’s usually recommended to be taken in a stack.

For men, anavar is used to balance out a stack and can be taken with drugs such as Tren, nolvadex, winstrol, equipoise, masteron and primobolan.

In women, anavar can form the basis of the stack rather than just rounding it off and can partner up with winstrol, primobolan, and equipoise.

For more information check out Simply Anabolics, the experts on bodybuilding who offer free guides on a range of different drugs and supplements.

Anavar is potent yet gentle

Its lack of harsh side effects earnt anavar a reputation for being a weak steroid for many years, something which is no longer the case. Extremely effective for cutting and useful in a stack, click here to find out more information.

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People of all ages, male and female alike, love sun bathing and love sporting that healthy, sexy looking tan.  A remarkably favorite past time of so many people, tanning is every bit dangerous as it is enjoyable.  Everybody gives focus to the enjoyment they experience when they don their bathing suits, head out to the beach, and simply bask in the sunlight while enjoying the sights and sounds of the ocean.


However, what people fail to give focus to is the many dangers that sun tanning presents with.  There is a wide range of sun tanning techniques available today.  From direct outdoor sun tanning, tanning beds, and tanning lamps to spray tans and even tanning pills in a bottle.  If you are one of the millions of people who lives for and loves sporting a sun tanned body, then make it a point to do some appropriate research on the variety of sun tanning methods available.

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Tanning Tablets Explained

Everybody loves tanning and certainly everybody loves and prides themselves on a perfectly tanned body.  Many people, however, are not satisfied just having that radiant tan in the summer months, but prefer to keep their healthy looking, tanned bodies year round.

Being that the typical way of sun tanning is that of lying out on a warm beach basking in the UV rays of the sun can only be performed in the hot summer months, these very people are in search of other types of sun tanning techniques that can afford them their year round tans.


Many, if not all techniques for sun tanning, are harmful in one way of another.  There are surely a variety of techniques that are used to obtain and maintain a bronzed, sun tanned body other than your common sun bathing on a beach.  Some other procedures and equipment that can be used to sun tan include sun tanning lamps, tanning beds, tanning sprays, and even tanning tablets.

Ways to Achieve and Maintain a Tan

Many people find the use of tanning beds satisfy their tanning goals and are not only remarkably easy to use, but more affordable than the average person would think.  However, research and statistics have revealed, over and over again, that tanning beds are every bit as dangerous and harmful as basking in the UV rays of the sun for extended periods of time.

Still others find that utilizing sun tanning lamps or even sun tanning sprays affords them the look they want to achieve all year round, at prices they can certainly afford.  Yet again, research and extensive studies have proven that sun tanning lamps are extremely harmful and that tanning sprays have cancer causing ingredients and are remarkably dangerous to use with many side effects as well.

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